Fact Sheet

Developer: Joel Mayer Productions

Release Date: TBD

Platforms: Windows, macOS

Website: www.joelmayer.io

Press Contact: press@joelmayer.io


Social Links:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/JoelMayerProds

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JoelMayerProds

Instagram: www.instagram.com/JoelMayerProds


Press Kit

Zip file contains a selection of screenshots as well as the Purgatory Logo and the Joel Mayer Productions Logo in different iterations.



Purgatory is a Horror Game which combines Super Nintendo and Gameboy Gameplay Style with the focus on Storytelling of an Adventure Game. Playing as a young woman named Alex you got to save your three friends before they succumb to the flames of Hell and uncover the shocking truth about a family, their mansion and the Purgatory.


It’s a peaceful night in the Swiss Alps, when four students of a prestigious international School are on their way home from a wild night out partying. Among them are Alex, who just recently moved here as well as her new boyfriend Dennis.

Then it happens: a moment of inattention, a car that gets off the road, four lives that will change forever.

Alex awakens from unconsciousness in the wreck in the middle of the night and with nothing but a deep forest ahead of her. Her friends: gone.

The farther Alex wanders into the woods the more she realizes that there is something terribly wrong. After finding an old seemingly abandoned mansion and learning about the whereabouts of her friends it becomes clear that this night will decide on the fate of all of them. But the former inhabitants of the house are not the only ones with an unsettling past and Alex will not only have to face the demons ahead but also the ones she left behind…


Joel Mayer is a swiss designer, illustrator, animator and game developer living and working in Basel. As a fan of Super Nintendo and Adventure Games from a young age and a love for visual design, he conceived the first iteration of „Purgatory“ as a young adult. 2017 work began on the current and final iteration of the game. With some help of talents across Europe, „Purgatory“ will be Mayer’s first commercial game title. 


  • Unique aesthetics based on Italian Horror Movies of the 70’s but mixed with the classic GameBoy Color look and enriched with modern Engine Effects
  • A fresh take on Teenage Horror Movie storylines
  • Illustrated Cutscenes
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Gamepad Support
  • German and English Localization
  • Running on a modern HTML5 based Engine with WebGL 2 Acceleration
  • Initial Target Platforms macOS and Windows