Our goal is to make focused interactive experiences by combining strong narratives with exciting gameplay.

While all the strings come together in Basel, Switzerland, our relationship with professional external partners across europe make for a reliable pool of talent, which adds its unique flavour to our products.

Originating from a visual design and film background, a clear art direction and good storytelling is what we thrive for. Combined with our love for gaming, we hope to offer the players thoughtful but entertaining hours with every title we’ll release.

Our first commercial game, „Purgatory“, is currently in development with initial target platforms being Windows and OS X

As an independent game studio, we think having a clear positioning of the types of games we want to make is crucial.

It is no secret, that today’s player has much less time on his hand. Add to that the much broader offering of content and it becomes no surprise, that consumers nowadays have to priotitize. And so do we as developers.

Therefore, we see great value in shorter but more focused experiences, which can still be enjoyed no matter how busy life gets.